Iris-T is a unified 3D visualization system, intended for displaying of 3D virtual scenes, complex articulated 3D models and wide range of special effects. Capabilities of the system allow imaging different natural phenomena and replicating real landscapes.

It is suitable for development of virtual simulators and interactive systems wherein real time 3D visualization is needed. Iris-T could be controlled both by internal commands or control signals from external simulation systems and corresponds to severe requirements of simulation accuracy and image photorealism.

The “Iris-T” is used in interactive systems and training simulators where high-quality real-time visualization is required. “Iris-T” designed in two major versions as a stand-alone fully featured application and as a software development kit (SDK).

Средства визуализации Visualization tools Дополнительные средства Additional tools Подготовка ресурсов Resource preparation Средства разработки Development tools

Modular structure of the “Iris-T” components

Our system is highly customizable. There is a wide range of ready-to-use components. Structure of modules and resources of the 3D visualization system is emphasized by customer on the stage of the set of supply development from general package of components. Procedure for the set of supply development is following:

defining system's core modules set
selecting auxiliary modules
defining resource libraries structure
new modules development in accordance with customer requirements (optional)
new content creation (optional)
integration with external software (optional)
Product imageProduct image
Колодец 3D
Product imageProduct image
Тренажер ТЭСТ
Product imageProduct image
Заказная разработка ПО
Service imageService image
Виртуальные тренажеры
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3D моделирование объектов
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3D фильмы
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3D моделирование местности
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