Electronic small arms training simulator "TEST" is a tool for fire training and tactical skills exercising during small arms and grenade launchers engagement.

Execution of the training is performed in virtual environment with capability to control firing conditions and training procedure as well as post-training analysis of trainees actions. Trainees put to use simulators of firearms which correspond to real weapons type under several numbers of performances. This simulators interact with software through radio channel without additional power supply cable.

"TEST" is a virtual simulator developed under program interface for remote control of unified 3D visualization system “Iris-T” and could be employed only in aggregate with this system.

Competitive advantages

compatibility with cylinder configuration of screens (including "Kolodets -3D" product)
simultaneous activity from 1 to 8 trainees on working surface of screen system
no fixed firing sectors. Each trainee uses whole working screen. Possibility to aim and fire same target by all training exercise participants
patented method of laser aiming points identification
influence of weather conditions on bullet flight trajectory

Main specifications

individual and group training
3D representation of targetry situation with high level of detalization
tracking and calculation of all active participants shots
simultaneous operation of different firearms
customizing of existing training exercises and development new ones
support of the MOD of Russian Federation gunnery course
supervisory control and computer-aided evaluation of results
automated data collection during training exercises
tools for reults analysis, assessment and comparison. Report generation.

Firearms simulators specs

all types of small arms from pistols to hand missile launchers (pistols, sub-machine guns, machine guns, grenade launchers, sniper rifles)
compliance with real small arms samples on mass and dimensions as well as physical parameters. Different fire modes
simulation of shooting recoil in single and automatic firing modes. Failure to fire simulation
Equipment with sighting units, buttstock assemblies, muzzle blast suppressors etc.
Wireless connection between small arms simulator and controlling software-hardware system (built-in pneumatic system)

OS Support

Product imageProduct image
Колодец 3D
Product imageProduct image
Тренажер ТЭСТ
Product imageProduct image
Заказная разработка ПО
Service imageService image
Виртуальные тренажеры
Service imageService image
3D моделирование объектов
Service imageService image
3D фильмы
Service imageService image
3D моделирование местности
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