Ready-for-use product fully corresponding to the Customer requirements as result of individual bespoke software development. Basis for a new product could be as ready-made solution as scientific-technological foundations.

Main advantages of customer-designed software development based on ready-for-use solutions:
resource saving
development speed boost
predetermined and well estimated result
access to innovations and advantages
consideration of possible drawbacks and its correction

We offer
adaptation of our products to individual requirements
integration of our products with third-party solutions and special equipment
modernization and functionality upgrading
Development of new products on the base of ready-for-use solutions or without them

Разработка ПО

We are developing virtual simulators designed for operations training with special equipment. Software part of simulators ensures 3D visualization of simulation and training objects as well as hardware operation algorithms realization.

Possible objects in simulators inventory:
weapon types
tracking machines
technical systems
automated systems

Software part of virtual simulators provides support and information interoperability with additional tools of technical training aids such as:
measuring equipment,
audio and vision systems,
custom shape screens in combination withprojection system

3D modeling
models in popular formats or in proprietary "Iris-T" format,
animation of objects right up to facial animation
different texture variants such as realistic and stylized (for video games, infographic etc.)

High poly objects
static scenes

Low poly objects
computer games
interactive systems

В ассортимент моделей объектов могут входить:
sophisticated equipment
people and animals
industrial models

We specialize on computer graphic and produce video clips on its base. Products get through all stages of development from requirement analysis to scenario generation.

Service options
development of CGI video from the scratch
graphical supplement and enhancement of already filmed videos

Main types of video clips:
promo clips
corporate video
presentation video
advertisement and marketing video clips
in-game video

CGI video

Terrain areas rendered in 3D space coincide to real prototype on accuracy of objects deployment, landscape configuration and region layout. All main geo data sources could be used as original information for terrain modeling.

3D models of terrain are used by unified 3D visualization system “Iris-T” and all other products cooperating with the system.

Areas of use:
spatial analysis of the territory and reconnaissance
obvious and dynamic terrain control
information representation
training tools
basis for industry solutions
 agrarian operations with different regions: separation of hunting grounds, allocation of harvesting areas etc.

Main features
 lack of software restrictions on the size of modeled terrains
 selectable level of detalization
 unification of 3D models into joint virtual space
 Procedural generation of terrain elements

Моделирование местности

Product imageProduct image
Колодец 3D
Product imageProduct image
Тренажер ТЭСТ
Product imageProduct image
Заказная разработка ПО
Service imageService image
Виртуальные тренажеры
Service imageService image
3D моделирование объектов
Service imageService image
3D фильмы
Service imageService image
3D моделирование местности
Service imageService image